Rome Day 2 | Very Hot and More Good News!

Ohhh my gosh Rome has HOT! Like seriously sweaty, sticky, gimmie that ice cold water, HOT. On our second day we smartly took the photos first thing in the morning, because about an hour later I was looking good in a very shiny hair-stuck-to-the-sweaty-face kinda way. Thankfully I was wearing a pretty cool (in both senses of the word, if I do say so myself) outfit. Both of these items featured in my most recent haul video, and together they made the most perfect lightweight, breezy look. These are the sunnies I was banging on about yesterday too. What do you think?? They're so so flat and wafer thin, and reflect the light at the right position which I am not really getting across in the pics. I think I feel more confident about them now because they have been going with every outfit since I bought them.

In other very exciting news - I AM GRADUATING WITH A FIRST! I can't believe I am writing that out actually, I never thought I would. Throughout my second year I was always on for a solid mid-2:1, but since doing so well in my dissertation a first has been in reaching distance. And I managed to grab it! I am so thrilled, it's the perfect start to our stay in Tropea!

SHORTS: H&M (available in store, similar here)
SHOES: WHISTLES (heeled version here)