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Oversized grey blazer

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Cream Mango blouse with wide sleeves
Valentino lace espadrilles

What is your stance on seeing bloggers wear items multiple times? It's something I do on my blog a lot, and I wondered whether you felt it was a good or a bad thing. I personally love seeing other bloggers wear items they love over and over again, it makes it seem so much more real to me, and also offers up great styling tips! I actually find the best styling ideas come from seeing how a blogger genuinely wears an item he/she loves over again, more so than blog posts focused on showing 'three ways to style...'. For me, if I love an item, I wear it time after time, there just ain't no stopping me!! That's actually what I want this blog to get across, that what is shown here are items I genuinely love and wear season after season, whether it was £30 or £300. This blazer is deffo one of those items (actually coming in at more of the £20 mark, it is one of my greatest sale steals!) See here and here for just a little bit of the proof of how much I love it, it goes with everything, and so I wear it with everything. I am loving it in this bizarre weather too, because of the length it kinda feels like a coat but it is super light weight.

ALSO just a little bit of a plug here but I spent a ridiculous amount of my day yesterday obsessing over Pinterest. I have set up loads of new boards (you can see them all here), but one I think you might be interested in is this one. Part of my blogging job involves online shopping (not always spendy shopping, more like online window, or screen, shopping). So I have created this 'lil board of all my fave new in items for you guys to shop from, sorry for any bank account damage that may occur.

BLAZER: MONKI (old now and I can't find anything similar on a budget, but if you fancy a splurge this one is a great option)
SHOES: VALENTINO (for some gorgeous espadrilles check out these ones here and here)