Writers Block

Topshop Oversized White Cotton Shirt

Sigerson Morrison Poker Sandals
How To Style and oversized white shirt
Light grey ripped skinny jeans
Ripped jeans and nude sandals

Oops! My apologies for being such a crinkled mess. It seems that sitting in a car doesn't do wonders for a crisp white shirt (who'd of thought it??). It if doesn't sounds too big headed, I felt really chic in this outfit. There is something about a lighter colour palette that makes me feel so sophisticated! I think these gorgeous shoes contribute to that too. I have been dying to tell you a little story about these shoes but I am going to save it for a little video I plan to film this week, so keep an eye out for that. I've totally built this up too much now and it's going to be such an anti-climax! 

Writing this post is the start of a little experiment I am doing. Writing my posts is always the thing I struggle with most, and it's what I consider to be the weakest aspect of my blog. Too often the words just don't flow for me, so much so that I sometimes just want to leave the links for what I am wearing and be done with it. Part of it comes from staring at a screen too much, and this is something I found when writing my dissertation... that staring at a screen for a while made me go blank. For that reason, I hand wrote huge chunks of my work then typed it up. And that's what I have done here too. I love handwriting, fancy notebooks and nice pens, so I am going to keep doing it like this and see if it makes a difference. To see if it flows more, reads better, and gives you more than just my rationale behind my outfit that day. And I've also now hit on the perfect excuse for a trip to Staples for some new stationary. RESULT!