August Goals

So I thought the first working day in the new month would be a great way to evaluate what I hope to achieve throughout the month of August - and maybe get you guys thinking about it too.

I am sure we are all in agreement that time just moves too fast, the months are just flying past me, and that's why I find it so important to set goals on a monthly basis. At the beginning of every month, imagine where I want to be at the end of that month. It's is a much more manageable time scale, and also as time moves so fast it's a real motivator. So, here are some of the goals I have set this month:

1. Blog Goals

At the end of every month I write down all my stats for the last month and my follower growth. I look at what has been popular, and what hasn't. I then write down where I want to be at the end of the next month. I try to be realistic too, and put down what I think is achievable, but also push it a little further from the month before. Sometimes I fall short, other times I surpass it. This month I am focusing on Pinterest (I am so hooked), and Twitter (my weakest social account, I'm poo at it!!).

2. Financial Goals

As I mentioned yesterday, Harry and I have found a flat to move into! We don't move 'till October, which gives us some time to get lots of home stuff without having to go wild in a really short amount of time. This month I plan to spend carefully, and wisely. It's going to all about home things, but I plan to only splurge when I feel I have to, and scrimp where I can. 

3. Goals for Me!!

Now of course these are all goals for me, but in this instance I mean as in me time, and what I need to keep me sane. Since I have been focusing on my blog full time, I find myself spending more and more time behind a computer. Don't get me wrong, I love it so much, but I also am conscious of how bad it is for me. Both in my head in terms of how I spend my time, but also in terms of the pain in my head (I have a bad habit of clenching my jaw, which goes into overdrive in front of my laptop, resulting in a daily headache - whoops!). Last weekend (I blogged about it here) we had a full day out, and I made a conscious effort to not stare at a screen throughout the day. I kept my phone away from me as much as possible, and spent as little time as possible on my computer. It felt so good!!! I think we are all guilty of spending more time in front of a screen than we really should!

4. Health Goals

This one comes down to three words: Drink. More. Water. In fact, I am going to do a blog post all about this soon - I need to kick my ass into gear when it comes to hydration. And also stop telling myself a cup of tea will do instead of a glass of water (someone please comment below telling me its actually better and my life will be made!)

So, what do you guys have in mind for the month ahead?? If there is something you could write down today and return to on the 31st I would really encourage you to do it! Whether it's how much money you want your bank balance to be, how much you hope you Instagram following to have grown, or just how you are feeling that day. It's really rewarding (even if you haven't reached the goal) to return to in a month's time, and keeps you focused year round!