Fancy Frocks for Everyday

Do you have find you have pieces in your wardrobe you wish you could wear everyday, but they just seem too fancy?? This dress is totally one of those pieces for me. When I wore it on holiday, I felt amazing! I see so many ladies rocking a frock for day to day, but it doesn't seem to translate onto my style. Well, this is my attempt of making it work. I am not sure I am feeling it to be honest! I really wanted to ditch the coat but apparently thats too optimistic in July, so I picked the most lightweight coat I have (which I went through a stage of wearing every day a few months ago, remember?). What tips can you offer for making your favourite dress more appropriate for day to day? I love it so much I am not willing to let it sit in my wardrobe and only come out a couple of times a year! 

COAT: ZARA (similar here)