The Perfect Length

I am becoming increasingly obsessed with jackets this length (so much so that it's my second post on it this week, I need to calm down). But they're just SO good! I think they're especially flattering on us taller gals, the longer your legs are the better it looks! 

It's just dawned on me that I haven't mentioned I had my hair cut. I had a couple inches off, and I think it's my fave length yet! I have always wanted to cut it to sit off the shoulders a little bit, but never really dared. Now it sits right on my shoulders, so when I add a few curls it lifts to the ideal length. I will deffo be making sure to regularly return to the hairdressers to keep it at this length, I have a bad habit of letting it grow to a bit of a messy inbetweeny (yes, that's a world) length (see here for proof of that one!) 

DRESS: MANGO (on sale!!) 
JACKET: ALL SAINTS (similar here)