Weekly Photo Diary | Living In London

Photos from a beautiful afternoon spent at Devonshire Arms. Do I even need to comment on why I love Yorkshire??? Wearing COS Top and Jacket, Weekday Jeans, Tom Ford Sunglasses and Saint Laurent Bag

BIG Thank You to Almost Famous Leeds for an amazing evening tasting their new menu. I have never been in such a carb coma, and it was the best feeling ever!! Those chips are a dream! And always a pleasure to meet other bloggers, you all inspire me so much.

A Friday evening spent in Ilkley at the continental market. Wearing Acne Jacket, Zara Jeans, Gianvito Rossi Heels and Saint Laurent Bag. 

My little story telling post last week was very popular with you guys so I am back with another. This week hasn’t had any major life events, but as I write this I am en route to London for the night so the topic of London seems kind of relevant.

When I was in school I planned on going to University in London. At that time I thought I would go on to do a Fine Art degree, so London seemed like the obvious choice. Because I thought Fine Art would be my path, I studied an Art Foundation year straight after finishing school. I am so glad I did, as it gave me chance to change my mind about a few things: specifically the idea of living in London.

The pivotal moment I realised London wasn’t for me was the day we took Harry to Uni for the first time. I was so nervous and scared for him, and it made me realise I just couldn’t move to London. I just wasn’t cut out for being that far away from home and everyone I love. I didn’t want to be there enough to warrant it’s extortionate prices, and at the time it wasn’t presenting me with any opportunities the North could not. 

Since then I have been firmly anti living in London. Don’t get me wrong, I like London a lot. I enjoy visiting for the weekend, but I am always itching to get back up North. Honestly, all of you Londerners are impressive - I don’t know how you keep up with the constant busyness and pace! After a couple of days there I feel like I need to lie down! There are times when in my heart I know my blog might force me to move there one day (believe me, it would be kicking and screaming too). I would never miss a seriously good opportunity if it was based in London, I would bite the bullet, albeit miserably. But for the time being, I hope to blog from the North for as long as possible!