Weekly Photo Diary | Saying Goodbye

Photos taken throughout last week. From a day in Manchester with Harry, and things around and about at home. 

So I want to start adding some new things onto this blog. A few weeks ago I wrote about how I struggle to write my posts sometimes - I think it is because I always post outfits, so it leaves me with little variation of topics! Blogging about fashion will always be my favourite thing, I love sharing my style with you guys, but I also want to get a little more of 'me' across. So I am going to start sharing some photos I take throughout my day to day life, accompanied by a little story that has been relevant to me this week too (but that perhaps isn't relevant to the photos). Don't worry, Shot From The Street will remain focused on what I am wearing, but I would love to know what you all think of a few new features here and there?? So here goes...

Last week I said goodbye to my first car, I am so sad about it, and I want to share it with you.

When I was 16 I was very lucky to have my first car bought for me. I never imagined I would be bought a brand new car for my first car, but as it was when the scrappage scheme was in place it was the sensible thing to do. My Dad had a 21 year old Land Rover Defender that was about to hugely fail it's MOT, so he traded that in for my first car (for those of you who can't remember the scrappage scheme, it gave people the opportunity to trade in car over 9 years old for a new one, and gave a £2000 discount on the new car too!) I remember so clearly the day we went and bought my car. It was a Fiat 500, and as I wasn't 17 yet, I couldn't test drive it. So Dad did for me, and it got the seal of approval! I was so excited for it to arrive, and when it did I couldn't wait to pass my driving test so I could actually drive my car. We all called the car Fifi, and naming it already set me up for a fail when the time came to sell her.

I have driven Fifi for 5 years. She has been the best car ever. Now that I am moving to Manchester I wanted something a little bigger to drive across the motorway in, but if it wasn't for that I would drive Fifi until she couldn't be driven anymore.

Harry's stepdad is a motorcycle trader so he kindly sold Fifi for me. He also knows how much Fifi means to me, and knew that the person buying her had to be right. Last week she was sold to a lovely lady, the kind of lady I am sure Fifi will like!! It seems so silly that I think of things this way - Fifi is just metal and plastic. The feelings attached to her are mine, not hers. Yet I feel so guilty she has gone. I didn't say goodbye to her as I knew I would be so upset, and told myself as it is just metal and plastic I didn't need to say goodbye. But when I got the phonecall yesterday telling me she was gone, I immediately felt so guilty.

Isn't is so silly to get so worked up about this?? Do any of you guys personify inanimate objects too?

But Fifi was my first ever car, and every time I see a Fiat 500 tootling down the road, I shall think of her.