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I am sure all bloggers agree life would soooo much easier if we all lived in Paris. Well, in terms of shooting photos anyway. To be able to wander out and take amazing photos on every corner, ahh the dream! Well, sadly that isn't the case in Leeds, but there are some fab locations to be found! Today I wanted to share some of my fave spots to shoot photos in Leeds. Having blogged out of Leeds for a while now, I feel as though there isn't a corner I haven't explored. Leeds isn't the most photogenic of cities, but there are some great places to take photos. My ideal places are relatively clean backgrounds, usually urban, and with as little green as possible. So, without further ado, here are some of my fave places to take photos in Leeds: 

1. Leeds University. 
This is where these photos were taken, and it's about as Parisian you can get in Leeds. The Parkinson Building is my fave spot (these snaps were taken at the side of there), but there are so many places to shoot around the campus. If, like me, you like to take your photos in bulk, Leeds Uni s great. There is lots of different architecture around there, so you can do all your photos in one spot and have them looking really different. Also, if you go on a Sunday it's more or less empty too - so no awkward stares!!

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2. Clarence Dock 
Another great place to shoot in bulk and get lots of variety. It's a good spot for some nice plain walls, and also backdrops with clean lines and different textures. If it's a windy day though don't even bother trying! That place is like a wind tunnel, and it literally impossible to shoot there!

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3. Regent Street/Quarry Hill
This is a slightly busier location so bare that in mind if you go here. But it's great for shooting looks in the middle of the road (getting the ever amazing blurred background going). It's also relatively close to Quarry Hill so there is a huge variety of backdrops in a very small area. 

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4. Kirkstall
Specifically, Beecroft Street. If you like a bit of concrete, this it place for you. This is a GIANT concrete wall here, which is so dramatic and effective, and there are a few other corners you can shoot in too. 

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5. Leeds Town Hall/Millenium Square
I've popped these two together as they're just round the corner from one another. Both are great for creating dramatic photos where the background is effective but not too fussy. Millenium Square has lots of light brickwork which always makes me think of Paris, but as there is often some sort of event going on there it's not the most reliable of locations. 

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