Knits You Can Buy Now!

I have been buying knits like carrazaayy lately, as I mentioned I am so ready for Autumn and my wardrobe is really reflecting that. So here are four jumpers I have bought recently.

This is one of my favourite ever jumpers. It's so so soft and cosy!

A turtleneck is my number one wardrobe essential. And a super skinny one goes with everything. I have this one in black which I bought last season and have worn non stop for the past year. These Uniqlo ones really keep their shape too no matter how many times you wash them - and they're fine to go through the washing machine and tumble dryer too! 

If you're after oversized knitwear I would really recommend looking in the mens department. I find that they can often be a better fit then ladies pieces! They're especially good if you love really long sleeves. I bought this one in a size Large. 

This isn't the best photo of this knit because you can't quite see the texture. It's actually ribbed and super fluffy (and very warm too!) 

General knitwear tips:

1. Tuck the front of your oversized knit into your skinny jeans. The trick with going for oversized items is to make it obvious they are too big for you (otherwise you run the risk of adding a few pounds to yourself!). Tucking them in makes them much more flattering. 

2. Hand wash!! Except for the Uniqlo turtleneck, I will be religiously hand washing all these jumpers. And then drying them flat so they keep their shape really well too. When Winter really arrives and I end up wearing these jumpers day after day, I always wear a skinny t-shirt underneath them so you don't always need to wash them after one wear as hand washing is a pain in the neck! 

3. Fold 'em, don't hang 'em! Make sure you have your jumper neatly folded (ahem, because I would never dream of just shoving them into my cupboard...). Hanging them up just makes them loose their shape.