LFW Day 3 | Day In The Life

So today's post is my final outfit from LFW. Not quite the end of all my fashion week coverage, but as it's my final outfit I thought it would be nice to kinda get down to the nitty gritty of LFW, in the form of a day in the life post. So without further ado, this is what one of my LFW days (specifically my Saturday) looked like.

Le Kilt Presentation

7am: I am an early riser no matter what. However, after having had a couple of drinks the night before, my alarm this morning was not met with much joy. More like an almighty groan!

9am: Shower - Done. Hair - Done. Make Up - Done. Feet Bandaged - Done. Yep, I started off my day nursing my injuries from the day before. After literally covering my feet in Compeed, I was ready to set off.

9:30am: I arrived half an hour early to my first venue - thank the lorddddd and it allowed me to go and fill up on some coffee and carbs. When I have a busy day it's essential I schedule some tweets and edit some Insta content so I can post on the go as much as possible. No better time to do this then first thing in the morning! 

 10am: First event of the day is a breakfast and viewing of the collection. If you're a small blogger like me, these are the best events to go to. Any of the ones in the main show space I am always going to be standing - so it's hard to really see the collection in detail, nevermind get some decent photos! For that reason I much prefer presentations where I can really see the collection and take my time getting some good snaps.

10:30am: this is the time of my next show, which of course I end up missing!! Nothing runs quite on time at LFW, which has a knock on effect throughout the day. I always end up missing almost half of what I have on my schedule because it's not possible to get to everything on time. And my poorly feet meant I was moving at a very glacial pace throughout the day.

John Smedley Presentation - My number one fave of Fashion Week! 

11am: I met with my blogging gals (always a highlight) and all had a chin wag around Brewer Street carpark for a little bit. My highlight of Fashion Week is always seeing my fave bloggers who inspire me so much!

11:30am: Most of my day was taken up by filming an exciting video with Mode Glam which I can't wait to share with you guys. I met up with the filming guys and gals at Bills just across from the BFC Showspace, a quick briefing and we were good to go.

3:30pm: Filming finally finito, my feet were hurting like never before, but I've still got one more show to get to! Before that I managed to squeeze in a quick blog shoot. I love shooting content in London because all the streets look so amazing, so the photos were a big success. 

4:00pm: I hotfooted (read: sat in a Uber while catching up on Twitter) to the Teatum Jones show, which was one of the highlights of my Fashion Week. The venue was amazing, and the tailoring was stunning and I have never loved colours and prints so much before.
From left to right: Felder and Felder Show. Teatum Jones. Y11. Vinti Andrews Presentation. 

 4:30pm: Now there is only one thing left to do... go and find Laura at the pub!.. and then immediately sit on a bench and order and Uber back to her hotel for a cuppa tea (which Laura made for me, nothing tastes better than a cup of tea after a long day).

5:00pm: After having a bit of a natter, I try on my outfit for Sunday, this Coralie Marabelle for La Redoute combo. As soon as I saw it I knew it was perfect! The material is gorgeous, and I think that both the shorts and top will look as amazing on their own as they do together.

6:00pm: After hobbling around Laura and Sophie's hotel room, I finally order an Uber to take me back home. This was a low point as I ran (well, more hobbled) out the hotel just in my socks!! Sometimes it's gotta be done...

7:00pm: Finally arriving home, and 7pm isn't a bad finishing time for Fashion Week at all!! I have some dinner, do a bit of blogging, and shut the lights off by 10pm - result!


This post has been created in partnership with La Redoute. You can check out their post about a day in the life at London Fashion Week here