Top 5 Jeans On The High Street

Being a huge lover of denim, I consider myself pretty knowledgable on where to buy the stuff. Despite it being something I wear everyday, I am always reluctant to invest in high end pairs of jeans. It's just not what I want to spend my money on, and the high street really does have some great options. So I thought I would share with you my Top 5 places to buy my jeans on a budget. 

Before we get going, I thought it would be helpful for me to tell you what size I am for reference. So I am a size 8, preferably a waist 27 (although not everywhere does that). I am just under 5"8, so a 32 inch leg length will sit nicely on the top of my ankles, if I want to be able to keep them long and have a turn up I need to go for a leg 34. 

So, without further ado, lets get going!

1. ASOS...

....but not all ASOS. Well, I can't say that for sure, but there is definitely one style that stands out to me: the Farleigh. I am not a fan of super stretchy denim that feels a bit like leggings - I like heavy denim, especially as I find that is the kind of denim that rips really well too. The ASOS 'Farleigh' jeans are the perfect budget denim that feels heavy and expensive. It comes in a array of colours and styles, the two I have are both the 'High Waist Slim Mom Jeans', which are can shop here and here

Little tip: While I have ripped up many of my jeans in the past, buying pre-ripped ones always has the best effect. Just make sure to pull al them a little more to make it look a little more natural. I find they do rip over time as you wear them, but the first thing I do is make the holes bigger. Don't do it with scissors is it is too neat, just grab 'em and give them a tug! 

Sizing: In the light blue pair I have a waist 26, leg 32. It's a bit of an effort to do them up, and when I wore them to go for Sunday dinner I did have to undo them... but when I am stood up I think them being a little tighter is actually really flattering. 

In the black pair I have a waist 28, leg 36!! I bought them from the tall range at ASOS because I wanted to be able to roll them up and for them still to be long. As you can see in the pictures I can really get a good turn up on them. I would say generally these seem to be a bigger fit, obviously they are bigger on the waist but they also seem baggier on the legs and more of a 'mom' jeans fit. 

All the ASOS 'Farleigh' Styles:  

2. All Saints 

So All Saints are definitely a little more high-end, but the quality is really reflected in the price. These are without a doubt my most worn jeans. If you were to go wayyy back through my blog archives right to the beginning (please don't, so much cringe!) then you would see how much I have worn these. I have repurchased them once (and cut a hole in my old pair, which still get worn all the time). The ones I have on here I have had for about four years, and they really are as good as new. The black does fade, but not too dramatically - and they keep their skinny shape no matter how many times you wash them. These are the 'Mast' style, and you can shop them here.

Sizing: This incorporates the only negative I have about these jeans - while they stay very skinny on the legs, the waist does give a bit. It's not much of an issue a belt can't fix, but if you don't like wearing belts then just bear this in mind. In this style I have a a waist 27, leg 32 - the perfect fit for me. 

Other styles of All Saints 'Mast' jeans:

3. Weekday 

Weekday is a brand I found via ASOS and is a favourite of mine beyond their denim selection. I see Weekday jeans on SO many bloggers, and I can testify that they have that good heavy denim feel I am always searching for. I have two pairs in my collection, one straight leg and one slightly flared. They do so many different styles, and next on my wish list are the 'Thursday' Jeans which look like the perfect longer length skinnies. Shop the two styles I own here and here.

Sizing: In both of these styles I have a waist 27, leg 32. I am not sure how they work out the leg length, as they are clearly cropped (and meant to be!) and definitely don't measure up at the same length of the All Saints jeans. The waist size is perfect though! In other styles they have a really great range in lengths too. 

See more of Weekday's denim collection: 

4. H&M 

H&M probably do the best budget jeans. I have bought this pair twice (one to wear as it is here, and another pair to take a pair of scissors to). These are slightly stretchy but I don't think they look it, so the stretchyness just helps them keep super skinny. I have had this pair for over two years now, they wash really well and don't go baggy on the knees or anything like that. They are also really good for us tall gals, as the leg length is very generous indeedy.

Sizing: Again I have these in a waist 27, leg 32. They do offer a longer leg length in larger waist sizes which is really good. I think the leg length is generous anyway (click here to see what I mean).

Shop the jeans here

5. French Connection

French Connection jeans are a very new discovery for me (you can watch the moment I discover them right here). This particular pair are the perfect colour - I am a huge fan of indigo denim as I think it always looks really smart, but slightly breaks me away from wearing all black all the time! This pair are also a really great length on me! Shop them here.

Sizing: Now French Connection do their sizing differently to the others as they run in the Size 8, 10, 12, etc etc rather than waist/leg length. Luckily I have some other trousers from French Connection so I knew their trousers fit true to size for me, so I went with an 8. I would say this translates almost exactly to a waist 27 leg 32 sizing. 

Other items shown in the outfits: 
Look 2 - French Connection Coat*, New Balance Trainers, Uniqlo T-Shirt 
Look 3 - Gianvito Rossi Heels, H&M Jumper 
Look 5 - Saint Laurent Shoes, ASOS T-shirt