That Good Feeling

I've mentioned before how sometimes I put an outfit on and feel so good and just think "yes, this is SO me!"  I think it's really important everyone knows how to put an outfit like that together. It's a combination you know you can reach for when you've having a "ugh I have nothing to wear" day, or a day where fashion isn't something you have time to think about, or even a day when you're feeling down and need an outfit to lift you up a little. This combination works for me in all of those scenarios. For that reason I feel I can never have enough turtlenecks, blazers and killer black ankle boots. I wear each piece over and over, and love it more every time I do. Do you guys have a combination like that you can go to and feel fab in??

Also, sorry for the lack of posts over the weekend. Harry and I moved to Manchester on Friday so the weekend has been pretty mad! Today I am back in the blogging zone and have an exciting week of content ahead - and I promise to have a video next Sunday!  

JUMPER: c/o MASSIMO DUTTI  (purse friendlier here