Corners Of Our Home

So today I wanted to share a few of my favourite parts of our new flat. We are renting a furnished place, so we didn't have to spend loads of money on big pieces of furniture, just the decorative bits that make it feel like home. Although it's definitely cheaper renting a furnished place, the furniture we had here was definitely nothing special. Thankfully it's not offensive, just cold, boring pieces that do nothing for the space. But with a few soft furnishings and pictures on the wall, I feel like we have transformed it and really made it our own. 

This little section is one of my favourite corners. The gorgeous leather chair was my Dad's, and the metal chest was a Home Sense find that I have had for years now. After seeing these wooden crates crafted as bookcases in the IKEA catalogue (and also on Burkatron, my bible for interiors and DIY) we knew it was the perfect book storage option for us. We don't really have too many books, so these were the perfect size - and at £9 each you really can't go wrong! 

We have adapted the dining room into our little office. Flooded in natural light, it's a lovely place to work and gives us a decent amount of space too. The glass table was already here, so we just added some bits on the wall to warm things up a little. The Dylan print is from Richard Goodall, and the planner is from Covet

I promise to show more of the kitchen soon, but for now I just wanted to share some of the bits and bobs we have filled the space with. We bought the two glass jars from IKEA, the two small bowls are from Santorini, the large bowl from Covet, the candle from Laura Ashley, and the coffee pot from Bialetti.

The living space of our flat is a double height space, so we have a lot of wall space! There was actually loadsss of artwork left here (sadly, not to our taste), and when we took them down the space felt so naked. I have always swooned over interiors on Pinterest filled with pictures. I already had quite a few, which all went together so so well.

'Less Is More' print from The White Company. The two small pictures were gifts a few years ago. The three landscape rectangular drawings are done by my Uncle Luigi. The portrait drawing was a gift from Harry. 'You had me at 'hello'' bought from a small shop in York, and the photograph is of Harry and I in Italy about four years ago! 

Finallyyy is our coffee table. This was another glass table (there was a grand total of FIVE glass tables of various shapes and sizes in the living space when we got here!!). This one fitted the living room so perfectly we really didn't want to swap it for something else, but we also really didn't like it. I bought this throw from Oaklahoma initially to put on the sofa, but decided to put it on there instead. It worked a treat, not only did it hide the table, but also softened up the space sooo much. I think switching up the throw will be a great way to make the room look really different with little effort, too. 

I love reading about interiors so I hope to be able to share a lot more soon!