Weekly Photo Diary

A little update from last week which was another good'un! A highlight was visiting the Private White V.C factory in Salford. One of the last factories in the area, it really is the hub of an amazing brand. Everything is done there (even the sales, as there is a gorgeous shop there too!) and we got a full tour, seeing all the pattern cutting, the fabrics, the final products and all the details from the buttons to the copper lined seams. It was seriously impressive, and the building itself was just stunning. As mentioned, there is a shop at the factory, but it's also now stocked at Selfridges Exchange Square. Despite being menswear I am completely in love with the jackets, especially the Ventile Travel Blazer and the Manchester Peacoat - be sure to head to Selfridges to see these pieces in real life too, as the quality is amazing!

Other exciting things included waking up to gorgeous weather this morning! I got Harry to take some snaps on our balcony to make the most of the gorgeous morning light - and the sun is still shining as I write this. 

P.S, Right now I am working on a new blog design and moving over to Squarespace - please keep your eyes peeled as I am hoping to have this sorted at some point today! Yayyyyy! 

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