While I did spend most the of the week in Tokyo (which was no where near enough time to cover that city), I wanted to take some trips out of the city too. One to see Mt Fuji, and one to Kyoto. For Mt Fuji, I opted to see it from afar as opposed to doing one of the day long excursions to the lakes nearby, where you get the more famous views. Instead I chose a trip to Hakone, which I could take on the Shinkansen and make it there and back in one day. Another big selling point of Hakone was the Open Air Gallery, which was beyond incredible. I think it was my favourite gallery I have ever been to, seeing sculptures in that setting and knowing Mt Fuji was so close by was just amazing. For this day trip I planned it around the weather as much as I could, hoping to be able to go on as much of a clear day as possible. I was really lucky and the views were amazing, even at the Open Air Gallery. I seriously recommend taking this day trip if you're in Tokyo, I would love to have seen even more of Mt Fuji but you really do get a beautiful view from the view points (I just asked a very lovely taxi driver to take me to one, and he knew an amazing spot).

The other day trip I took was Kyoto. One day is not enough!!! I am desperate to go back there for an entire week, as I think I loved it even more than Tokyo. Again I took the Shinkansen out of Tokyo, and in about two and a half hours I was in Kyoto. I took a walk to a coffee shop I wanted to visit (thank you to the amazing Haarkon Tokyo Book), and in doing so managed to see a little of the city. I feel like Kyoto is the most chic side of Tokyo, but amplified even more. With temples strewn around, looking down all the little side streets felt like looking into a new world. There was so much I wanted to see while I was there, but as time was limited I just went to the Fushimi Inari shrine, with all the orange gates climbing up the hill side. Initially it was super busy but the more you walk up the quieter it gets, and there is a viewpoint along the way that is well worth the walk. I was glad to see such an iconic part of Kyoto, and I was so sad to have left my self with so little time there. As I said, I would sooner return there for an entire week on my next Japan trip to really make the most of what it has to offer. 

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