Well hello guys! It feels like it's been a while since I posted on here, so I am sorry about that. I went to Mallorca for the weekend and had THE BEST time. Me, Ben, Linds and James all headed there for Kim and Simon's wedding, and I am now back home and suffering from some serious holiday blues. We stayed in a little hotel in the mountains above Port de Sollér, which is a place I would love to revisit and spend more time in. With our little pool

and gorgeous outdoor seating area, we were all set for some lazy and relaxing days spent sunbathing, before heading down into the port for evening drinks and dinner. I felt like I totally swtiched off from work, which is something I always find very hard to do, so this was so refreshing and made me feel like I was coming back to London with a bang, despite this only having been a weekend away! I would really recommend the area of Sollér for a holiday, even if you are looking for something last minute for the Summer, I think you could happily do a week here split half down on the port and half up in the secluded hills. The wedding itself was so beautiful too - there are so many photos in this post as we were all very snap happy throughout the weekend but I love them all SO much. Scroll down to the bottom for the gorgeous wedding ones! 

My favourite things in my suitcase:

Arket denim shorts in cream and black, these are the perfect length. 

This Everlane t-shirt, I love the fact its off white, and for some reason the quality feels a lit nicer than the white one I have. 

Arket linen shorts, I know I will get a lot of wear out of these over the summer. 

My Jimmy Choo heels which are proving to be very comfy and easy to walk in, I lasted for hours in them!!

The Jacquemus skirt I got for the wedding, I bought this because I know I will rewear it so much, and can't wait to wear it with a linen shirt and flip flops on my next trip. 

And the wedding itself. What a gorgeous day that was!! Kim looked STUNNING in one of the most gorgeous dresses I have ever seen. The location was amazing, right up in the hills where we got to watch the skies change throughout the evening. We ate some amazing food, drank into the evening before all dancing like loons until it was time to go home. We all left saying we could have stayed for hours longer, it was truly one of those evenings you never wanted to end. Huge congrats to Kim and Simon, it was such a joy to watch you get married, thank you so much for having me there on you special (and special us an understatement) day. 

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