Happy Saturday guys! I am writing this post from the bath of my hotel as its 7:30am and Ben is asleep in the room, so this is pure glamour. But I wanted to share with you some photos I have been taking while in New York. These have been taken on my both my phone and new digital camera on our first day there, and I will have day 1&2 ready to share with you all on Monday! A big film post will be coming your way too where I will walk about everywhere we ate, but for the meantime I just wanted to share some photos I love with some outfit details for you all along the way. I love this city so so much, and it inspires me endlessly, so there will be lots of content for you all!

I spent day one wearing a blazer I bought from the Frankie Store as soon as I arrived here, M&S cashmere knit, Church’s brogues, vintage Levi’s and this amazing new handbag from Celine via Vestiaire which I am OBSESSED with and have used everyday while we have been here. It’s amazing!!!

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