We managed to snatch a few moments of sunshine in Paris last week for me to shoot some new pieces from Amazon Fashion. While I am sure you are all well aware of Amazon and have placed many an order from them in your time, they might not be the first spot that comes to mind for online fashion retailers! But, as I am here to show you, they have an amazing selection of brands that we all know and love, with the ease of shopping on Amazon too. I picked out some favourites here to show you guys.


I narrowed my search by going for brands I know and love. Both t-shirts are from Selected Femme, who I featured in my white t-shirt testing basics last year. The white tee I bought from them has lasted so well and been through the wash many a time! So I opted for the same one in black, and a long sleeved Breton version. They are really great basics for a really good price so they get a big thumbs up from me. 


Both pairs of jeans are the cropped 501s from Levi’s. After having the column jeans from them recently, I have been living in Levi’s most days. My normal go-to for 501s is vintage, but of course that requires a bit of luck to find a good pair. These cropped style are an amazing fit, and aren’t too cropped at all (which is an issue I have with the Ribcage jeans from Levi’s). I got them both in a waist 25 and the fit like a glove - I am also eying up them in white. 


The sunglasses are some of my all time favourite styles. I have these Ray-Bans in the tortoiseshell and have worn them so so much over the past couple of years. I find them so flattering on my face, so was very happy to welcome the black pair into my life too. 


The shoes are the only not-so-successful thing so I must impart my wisdom with you here! I have been wanting a pair of Doc’s for a while, and Amazon have a hugeeee selection. I sadly picked wrong and got the men’s sizing without realising it didn’t convert exactly. So these are coming up one size too big! Also, on reflection, I think I will order the ones without the stitching as these are similar to some I already have. These have been re-homed already to a friend I knew wanted a pair, so all is not lost with the order, and like I said I will take the plunge with these ones instead. 


Finally, black socks! Boring but very essential. This pack are the perfect length to wear with your brogues and loafers! 


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