Finally here to share with you my photos from Tenerife. All (apart from maybe 3 here) were taken on my Mamiya 7, and I couldn't be more in love with that camera and the results. The detail in every photo is just amazing, and I had so much fun shooting on it too. The whole trip was perfect relaxation, I did nothing but read and sunbathe and it was just bliss. We had wine and good food every night, and explored the little towns in Adeje. Thankfully we left before the Coronavirus outbreak in the area so there was no dark cloud over the holiday at all! I hope you all love these photos as much as me. Shooting on this camera really has pushed me forward with my work and I feel like I am taking some of the best photos I ever have.

We stayed at Hotel Suite Villa Maria and loved it! It was pretty busy when we were there but the space you have on your little terrace feels so private still. There are two huge swimming pools if you do fancy being around people (and aren't as anti-social as Mum and I), which looked very lovely but as it wasn't super hot we didn't feel like we needed to be by the pool to cool off at all while sunbathing. The food we had in the evening there wasn't the best, which would be the main criticism, but there was lots of great restaurants close by so that wasn't a deal breaker at all. The staff were so, so friendly and accommodating it was brilliant, so all in all I would very mcuh reccommend it if you are still in the need for some winter sun and aren't being put off by the Coronavirus when it comes to travel! 

I did a video about what Mum and I wore when we were away that you can watch here if you want some fashion content from the trip too, but mostly I just love all the photos of the gorgeous landscape that I took! 

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